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FarmRaise Tracks
FarmRaise Tracks

Answers to questions about our new Expense Tracking and Bookkeeping tool

Exporting Data from Tracks
How to add transactions: expenses, revenue, and mileage
FAQ - FarmRaise Tracks
How to give feedback on FarmRaise Tracks
What does it mean to 'Split this expense'?
What are 'Products'?
How to add or delete a 'Product'
How to 'View Reports'
About FarmRaise Tracks security
How to ask for help in FarmRaise Tracks
How to get started with FarmRaise Tracks
FarmRaise Tracks Highlights
How to delete an expense
What's Next for Tracks?
How to move animals from field to field in your inventory section
How to upload health note photos or records for livestock
How to categorize the type of inventory of a harvested versus non-harvested crop
The importance of tracking inventory
What does "Inventory" mean?
How to link my bank account in Tracks
How to solve seeing a transaction show up twice
How to fix the Tracks app if it's not showing up on your full screen.
How to Edit Your Tracks Exported Transaction Spreadsheet
How To Use the Bulk Import
Discover a Bug- Earn $30 in FarmRaise gear
How to Use the Schedule F Generator
How to print your transactions
How to create an invoice on Tracks
How to Categorize Expenses for Schedule F
How to Label a Transaction as a Transfer
How to Add Assets
Loan Disbursements and Loan Tracking
How to Edit the Name of Your Bank Account
How to Edit or Delete Your Custom Categories
Other options if you cannot link your bank account
Why can't I link my bank account?
How to track the balance of your bank account on Tracks?
How to Generate a Cash-Based Income Statement
How to Update Your Tracks App
How to Search for Transactions
How to Remove customer email from invoice
How to add transactions to your linked account
How to unlink your linked account
How to Delete a Bank Account
How to Add a Logo to Your Invoices
How to find future dated transactions in Tracks?
Do you have payroll or 1099s?
Can I track multiple entities on Tracks with one account?
How to track personal expenses on Tracks with custom categories
How to track another business that doesn't require a Schedule F
How to add your liability accounts on FarmRaise Tracks
How to Generate a Balance Sheet
How to enter a refund or return in Tracks if it is from a manual account